So Cal Ki Society Spring Seminar 2016

Spring Seminar Report 2016

Last week, teachers and students from all Southern California Ki Society dojos met once again to attend our 2016 Spring Seminar. The seminar was held in beautiful Studio 4, located inside the Torrance Cultural Arts Center.

For two days, we practiced a wide variety of Aikido techniques and principles under the instruction of Clarence Chinn Sensei, Chief Instructor of So Cal Ki Society, and Susan Grigsby Sensei, Head Instructor of Seattle Ki-Aikido.

A good portion of the first day was spent practicing the Oneness Taiso, with particular emphasis on rhythm and position. Later we studied several ryokatatori techniques where the partner is thrown by a bow, along with some ryotemochi and yokomenuchi techniques. On the second day we studied jo posture and holding, as well as jo techniques (jo-nage) including kokyunage, shihonage, nikyo and koteoroshi.

Participants were able to have lunch in the beautiful Pine Wind Japanese Garden located inside the Cultural Arts Center courtyard. On Saturday evening we convened at El Paso Cantina for a dinner among friends.

We are again grateful to all who participated and to our instructors for their support and guidance. Special thanks to Roy Sakamoto for the photos, and to Paul Krumholz for his help with the lunches and registration!