Spring Seminar Report and Photos

So Cal Ki Society Spring Seminar 2015 group photo

Participants in the 2015 So Cal Ki Society Spring Seminar.

Last week, students from all member dojos attended the Southern California Ki Society Spring Seminar inside the beautiful hall of the Ken Nakaoka Center in Gardena.

During the two-day event, Chinn Sensei and Susan Grigsby Sensei covered a broad range of subjects, including hittori waza, correct performance of basic techniques (such as munatsuki koteoroshi and yokomenuchi shihonage), correct footwork, ki breathing, facing multiple attackers, and jo and bokken. Both instructors went through many finer points. They also had students work cumulatively on individual components of techniques. We are grateful for their detailed explanations and insights.

We had a variety of delicious sushi dishes during lunch, and a warm and festive group dinner on Saturday evening in the banquet hall of El Paso Cantina, where we were joined by family and friends.

Thank you also to all the students for their efforts in making this an enjoyable and memorable Spring Seminar, and to the head instructors for their supportive presence. A special thank you to Ki Sasaki, Andrew Badakhasian and Veronica Hayashibara for their help in organizing the seminar.