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Announcements of Club activities.

Chinn Sensei Retirement Party !

On December 9 – after the first day of the fall seminar, So Cal Ki Society members and friends came together at Lazy Dog restaurant in Torrance.  In this time, we were not only enjoying the delicious meals and drinks, but also celebrating Chinn sensei’s retirement from Chief Instructor position of So Cal Ki Society. 

Chinn sensei has served more than 50 years to the Aikido community as well as So Cal Ki Society and Torrance Aikido Club.  His skill, knowledge, leadership, sense of humor and genuine concern for each of the members help to keep connecting the Aikido community together.

We are greatly appreciate his contributions, and express our gratitude and admiration for being our sensei.  From next year, Chinn sensei won’t be teaching at our regular classes, but he has kindly agreed to stay with us as the advisor of So Cal Ki Society and Torrance Aikido Club.  

Thank You, and Happy Retirement Chinn Sensei !!

Southern California Ki Society Combined Camp 2017 in Japan

Southern California Ki Society combined camp 2017 was conducted from October 18 to 21 at Ki Society Headquarters in Tochigi, Japan.   The camp was coordinated by our chief instructor, Clarence Chinn Sensei.

The four days camp included morning and afternoon seminars, and additional evening training.  The instructors were Tomonori Kobori sensei and president of Shinshin Toitsu Aikido Kai (Ki Society), Shinichi Tohei sensei.

People from USA (West coast, East coast and Hawaii), and also from around the world (Russia, Australia, Germany, Belgium and Tahiti), total about 70 people shared great experience during the four days camp in Japan.

Chinn Sensei was honored at the end of the seminar for his over 50 years of service in the Aikido community.


Aikido Club summer end dinner party at Rock and Brews ♪

On September 30 – the end of summer, Torrance Aikido Club members came together at Rock & Brews restaurant in Redondo Beach.  The members enjoyed delicious meals and rockn’ roll music….great combination with Aikido!


Torrance Aikido Club at Bunka Sai 2017

On April 23, 2017, Torrance Aikido Club members – four adults and one youth – returned to the Torrance Sister City Association‘s annual Bunka Sai Japanese Cultural Festival to demonstrate Ki Aikido. 

New Year with Kagami Biraki ceremony 2017

On January 9th, Torrance Aikido Club brought in the New Year with our Kagami Biraki ceremony. Chinn Sensei blessed the dojo, then students joined in with a rousing Misogi bell chant! The class ended with sushi, tea, pastries and other goodies. Here’s to another fruitful year!