Southern California Ki Society Fall Seminar with Chinn Sensei and Grigsby Sensei

On October 3rd and 4th 2015, we were honored to have our Southern California Ki Society Fall Seminar led by Chinn Sensei, Chief Instructor of So Cal Ki Society, and Susan Grigsby Sensei, Head Instructor of Seattle Ki Society. The seminar took place inside the El Retiro Park Building in Redondo Beach, California, which has been home to many So Cal Ki Society events. Participants came from many dojos including Torrance, Seattle, Las Vegas, Goleta and Santa Barbara.

We were fortunate to have Grigsby Sensei with us as she had just returned from Ki Society Headquarters in Japan, where she attended a seminar for US Ki Society members led by Kaichou Shinichi Tohei Sensei. As such, she was able to impart to us many of the key lessons learned at that event.

During the seminar, Chinn Sensei taught a wide range of techniques including katatekosatori kokyunage, yokomenuchi shihonage, koteoroshi (with clenched fist), and ryotetori ikkyo, as well as having students work on proper hittori waza and ki testing.

Grigsby Sensei placed a special emphasis on bokken (wooden sword). Participants practiced proper ma’ai (distance between partners), entering and exiting the mat during bokken while matching movements with a partner, cutting in synchronization with 2 other partners, and performing bokken 1 while being checked for ki extension by partners standing at each side and corner surrounding the practitioner.

On both days, participants had lunch at the delicious Corner Bakery Cafe just across the street. Thanks to a tip, members also discovered the renowned Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream steps away. On Saturday evening, the participants (along with family and friends) convened at El Paso Cantina for dinner in a warm, congenial atmosphere.

We wish to thank Chinn Sensei and Grigsby Sensei for their generosity and insight, and all the participants who helped to make this a successful seminar.