Torrance Aikido Club at Bunka Sai 2016

On April 17, 2016, Torrance Aikido Club members – three adults and three youth – returned to the Torrance Sister City Association‘s annual Bunka Sai Japanese Cultural Festival to demonstrate Ki Aikido. 

A variety of aspects were presented, beginning with Ki testing (unbendable arm, unliftable body, moving forward while being held from behind) and applications of hittori waza in simple techniques.  We performed hittori waza as a group to give audience members a sense of our daily practice in the dojo.

Afterwards, participants performed two-hand attacks (ryotemochi and ryotetori), yokomenuchi (side strike) and munetsuki (punch) attacks, tanto (wooden knife) attacks, two-on-one attacks, as well as jo (wooden staff) and bokken (wooden sword) demonstrations.

We were fortunate to have both Chinn Sensei and Bannai Sensei from Las Vegas in attendance during the demonstration, as well as our member Russell Ono, who took expert photos.

Many thanks to Torrance Sister City, Lori Eurich and the City of Torrance for generously putting the Club on stage and to all participants for their efforts. We look forward to bringing more Aikido to the festival next year!